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Does Progesterone Help With Weight Loss?

Weight loss can be difficult, especially if a healthy diet and exercise routine isn’t producing results. Unfortunately, weight loss isn’t always as simple as leading a healthy lifestyle. For women, low progesterone can be the culprit behind failing weight loss efforts. 

Understanding Progesterone and Estrogen

Progesterone and estrogen are the two most crucial female hormones. They contribute to many different bodily functions, mainly including female reproductive function. 

When estrogen levels are too high and progesterone levels are too low, women may struggle to lose weight. In this situation, progesterone supplementation may help you lose weight. 

How Progesterone Can Help With Weight Loss

Progesterone can help with weight loss by:

  • Lowering insulin levels

Hormonal imbalances can impact your insulin levels. With too much estrogen and too little progesterone, your insulin levels may climb, leading to sugar cravings that can cause weight gain. 

  • Promoting proper thyroid hormone function

Low progesterone leads to excess production of TBG in the liver. TBG stands for thyroid binding globulin, and it’s a protein that prevents the proper utilization of thyroid hormones in the body. By resolving this issue, progesterone can help your thyroid hormones work properly, which can support your ability to lose weight. 

  • Naturally fighting inflammation

Progesterone offers natural anti-inflammatory properties, which can provide numerous benefits throughout the body. For one, progesterone’s anti-inflammatory benefits can help your brain receive leptin. Leptin is a hormone that regulates your appetite and, as a result, supports weight loss efforts. 

  • Preventing fluid retention

Excess estrogen causes the abdominal tissues to retain more water. This can lead to bloating. Progesterone can help balance out your hormones to prevent abdominal bloating. 

If you’re struggling with weight loss despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, consider speaking with one of the specialists at Mind Body Spirit Care. Our team can determine if a hormonal imbalance is inhibiting your weight loss and provide bioidentical hormone therapy to resolve the issue. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!