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Botox Vs. Dysport: Similarities and Differences

Most people have heard of Botox because it has been a preferred treatment for celebrities for years. Botox and Dysport are both treatments that contain a specific type of neurotoxin called A botulinum toxin. They both work by relaxing muscles to promote a desired effect, such as reducing lines and wrinkles caused by repetitive facial expressions. However, Botox and Dysport have several differences.

Differences in Makeup

Botox is made up of a specific type of A botulinum toxin called onabotulinumtoxinA, or ONA, while Dysport is made up of a type of A botulinum toxin called abobotulinumtoxinA, or ABO. Both of these are effective for relaxing facial muscles to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Their manufacturing process is also different, which means that the nontoxin proteins that they contain are different. This difference in makeup means that Dysport has a faster onset and lasts longer than Botox.

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What First Line Therapy Is and How It Is Used in Our Practice

Have you noticed a decline in your overall health? Do you know that you need to make lifestyle changes but have no idea how to proceed? These challenges are what First Line Therapy is all about. Here’s what you need to know about First Line therapy and how we use it in our practice.

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What Is First Line Therapy?

First Line Therapy is a unique program from Metagenics that allows medical practitioners to help their patients make lasting lifestyle changes. The program was developed in response to the need for lifestyle changes to improve overall health. Most people can improve their health and even decrease reliance on medications and treatments by making lasting lifestyle changes. 

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How Holistic and Integrated Medicine Can Resolve Thyroid Disorders

Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder? Many people suffer from thyroid disorders such as hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, nodules, or goiters. Regardless of your diagnosis, you may not be reliant on pharmaceutical remedies. If you are interested in a better way to treat thyroid disorders, read on.

Finding the Root Cause

There is no one root cause of thyroid disorders. In order to fully treat the thyroid condition, it is vital to discover the root causes of this and other health conditions. With holistic and integrated medicine, the entire body is treated as a whole. This means that your doctor will work to find all of the potential root causes of your thyroid condition and treat each one with holistic methods. 

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How FemTouch Vaginal Rejuvenation Can Benefit You

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Thousands of women in the United States have a delicate problem that few want to talk about. That’s right, ladies. We’re talking about vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, and all the problems that can come in conjunction with that. Whether the problem stems from genetics, vaginal childbirth, or simply advancing years, you don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. 

What Is FemTouch?

FemTouch is a new technology that allows us to offer vaginal rejuvenation. FemTouch uses a CO2 laser to direct energy into the tissues of the vagina. The laser causes ablation and coagulation, which triggers the body’s own healing responses with an increase in collagen. It also reactivates and improves urogenital structures. All of this means that, within a few months of treatment, you could have incredible results.

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Three Benefits of Accent Prime Treatments

Did you know that we now offer some new treatment options with the amazing Accent Prime technology? Accent Prime is a powerful machine that uses radiofrequency, deep heating, ultrasound, cold shear wave, and photo imaging technologies to affect certain health benefits. In our office, this amazing technology is used for three primary benefits.

Body Contouring

The deep heating and dielectric heating technologies of the Accent Prime machine are used to contour the body. The heat speeds up the water molecules in the body, which causes fatty areas to contract. Radiofrequency technology is used to focus the heat into the desired treatment area for deep penetration and more effective results.

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Four Surprising Health Benefits of Therapeutic Yoga

It may have been recommended to you that you try therapeutic yoga, or you may have heard about it from friends and family. Therapeutic yoga has a lot of benefits for people suffering from chronic pain and other conditions, including easing muscle tension, improving circulation, and increasing flexibility and balance, but there are some other surprising health benefits of therapeutic yoga in which you might not be aware.

Increased Energy

Moving your body, no matter how slowly or deliberately, increases your metabolism and gives you a lot of energy. Even though yoga is not cardio, it does improve circulation and metabolism, so that you have more energy that can last throughout the day. Do your therapeutic yoga early in the day to get the most benefit.

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Three Non-Cosmetic Reasons for Vaginal Rejuvenation

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It may seem like vaginal rejuvenation is an elective procedure, and it may be difficult to understand why someone would want to go through that process. Yet there are many non-cosmetic reasons for vaginal rejuvenation. It is not just for older women, but it is a great solution to several problems that women can have, especially following pregnancy and childbirth.

Stress Incontinence

Many women find that after childbirth, especially if they have had multiple children, that they dribble urine when they cough, laugh, or are startled. This is called stress incontinence, because you are only incontinent when there is stress put on the bladder and vaginal muscles. When the vaginal muscles become weak from childbirth and other causes, it can cause stress incontinence. There are no medications that work for stress incontinence, and vaginal rejuvenation is one of the only available treatments.

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How Dermal Fillers Can Turn Back the Hands of Time

Have you begun to notice the signs of aging? You may have begun to notice some fine lines and wrinkles. Perhaps you have been noticing these signs for a while, and they are just becoming too pronounced to continue to ignore. There are a lot of treatment options for lines, wrinkles, and facial folds, but one of the most common and minimally invasive treatments are dermal fillers.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are a solution that is injected just beneath the surface of the skin. The main purpose of dermal fillers is to plump the skin so that fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out. Some dermal fillers are designed for more severe lines and wrinkles or facial folds. 

Different dermal fillers can have different ingredients, but the active ingredient in many dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural compound that is produced by the body for skin health. Production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin decreases over time, which is what causes skin to begin to wrinkle and lose volume. Hyaluronic acid dermal filler can plump the skin and eliminate wrinkles in a more natural way with only a few side effects.

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Quit Smoking with Acupuncture Treatments

Smoking is one of the most difficult habits that a person can try to break. This is because the addiction to nicotine is only part of the problem. A large part of the habit is psychological, not just physical. Because of this, it is one of the most difficult things to quit doing. One way that you can increase your chances of success is by adding acupuncture to your treatment plan. Here’s how it works and can help you.

Motivated Smokers

Smokers who are already very motivated to quit are the most likely to have success with acupuncture. If you are quitting for the wrong reasons and don’t really want to quit smoking, it may not be successful for you. However, a study done by the National Institute of Health found that smokers who were very motivated to quit either decreased their cigarette habit significantly or quit altogether using just acupuncture treatment.

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Three Surprising Ways Acupuncture Benefits Women

You have probably heard of the amazing ways that acupuncture improves your overall health. It can be used for many conditions, as well as lifestyle habits such as quitting smoking. But did you know that acupuncture has specific uses in women’s health? Here are three of the many surprising ways that acupuncture benefits women.

Menstruation Issues

The menstrual cycle is connected to many other systems in the body, and overall health of the body has a direct impact that could be one reason for difficult or irregular periods. Acupuncture is also a stress-relief tool, which can help make that time of the month more bearable, especially if you have a lot of mood swings or cramps.

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