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Improve Your Gut Health With IV Therapy

Your gut health is a major determining factor of your overall health. When we speak about your gut health, we’re referring to your digestive system and gut microbiome. It determines how effectively your body processes food for nutrients, making it a crucial component of overall well-being. 

Modern techniques like IV therapy can improve your gut health without a strict diet or daily supplementation. This article will discuss how you can improve your gut health with IV therapy. 

What is the Gut Microbiome?

Your gut microbiome refers to the colonies of bacteria and fungi in your digestive system. These “good” bacteria and fungi have several functions, including:

  • Digestion

Certain micro bacteria and fungi can digest food that can’t be digested with stomach acid alone.

  • Maintaining the immune system

A healthy and balanced gut microbiome influences your immune system. Without a balanced microbiome, people are more prone to illnesses. 

  • Protection

Your gut microbiome is a barrier that prevents the “bad” bacteria from colonizing your digestive system. 

How IV Therapy Can Improve Gut Health

IV therapy is a treatment that allows patients to absorb nutrients and medications directly into their bloodstream. With IV therapy, the digestive system is bypassed, allowing quicker and more efficient absorption of nutrients in the body. 

Nutrients administered through IV therapy include calcium, zinc, glutamine, and magnesium. These nutrients support your gut and liver health to detoxify and replenish the body. Acquiring a healthy balance in your gut microbiome helps with the digestion of food and boosts your immunity. 

IV therapy can quickly resolve your nutritional imbalances, resulting in immediate improvement of symptoms related to poor gut health. If you’re interested in IV therapy, consider Mind Body Spirit Care. Our integrative medical center features top-of-the-line experts trained in improving your overall health with IV therapy. Contact us for a consultation!