Functional Medicine Testing

At Mind Body Spirit Care we incorporate a variety of individualized testing that assess genetic, biochemical, and physiologic markers to allow us to improve imbalances in function, and restore health. Many of these tests can detect subtle changes in our bodies’ functions before they show up on conventional chemical or imaging tests.

What are Functional Medicine Tests?

functional medicine tampaWe conduct a variety of tests that can detect early degenerative changes in the body’s functioning. Such changes can lead to the onset of disease and aging. With detection of functional changes in the cells and tissues, we can improve our ability to prevent and reverse the degenerative changes seen, and restore the body to optimal health.

The following is a list of some of the diagnostic tools we employ at our center in association with nationally reputable scientific laboratories and device manufacturers, to complement conventional tests. Conventional tests such as MRI, CT scans, ultrasound, bone density or colonoscopy can be ordered by our doctor from radiologists or other sub-specialty physicians as deemed necessary. Genetic DNA Screening Analysis: Single gene variation testing is currently available for numerous chronic diseases including heart disease, osteoporosis, detoxification impairments, and immunological defects associated with chronic inflammatory conditions.

Knowing about increased genetic risk as early as possible can explain why individuals are affected differently by the same environmental factors and can then offer lifestyle factors to exert a strong influence on how, or even if, a gene will express itself. Comprehensive Biochemical Blood Test Analysis: Unlike conventional blood tests that evaluate only a narrow range of risk factors, we at MindBodySpirit Care measure a wide range of blood markers that predispose people to common age-related diseases.

Our test panels can detect changes in the body’s chemical functioning long before conventional medicine’s reliance on abnormal values for the diagnosis and onset of disease. Our tests include lipid profiles, cardiac markers, hormone levels, metabolic profiles of gastrointestinal, pancreas, kidney, liver, and immune functions obtained at well known national laboratories that are supported and recognized by most insurance companies. We also utilize specialized laboratories for blood, urine, stool, saliva, tissue & hair analysis for:

Intracellular Mineral Vitamin & Antioxidant levels

Metal & Toxic Elements

Hormone levels

Neurotransmitters levels affecting mood and brain functioning

Gastrointestinal Function

Food Allergy Testing

Yeast and Organism Imbalances

Immune & Inflammation Markers

Bio-Impedence Analysis (BIA): We use a sophisticated computerized analysis that measures and tracks cellular health and the balance of body composition. Body composition includes fluid, lean body, and fat compartments in the body, and is one of the most important markers of aging and weight management.

Bio-Energetic and Bio-Meridian Tools: The balance of electrical charges in cell membrane and the resultant changes in our bodies’ pH affect our energy field and thereby its optimal functioning. Various measuring tools have been used by NASA scientists and other scientists around the world to assess the changes in the body’s energy fields. We individually assess the value of such tools for their practical role in impacting our patients’ health.