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Mind Body
Spirit Care

Tampa’s First Integrative Medical Center
MindBodySpirit Care is an integrative and holistic medical center that provides cutting edge standard of care in comprehensive medical wellness by healing and balancing the mind, body, and spirit.

We naturally take a holistic, and integrative approach that views you as a whole person, while providing you with a cost effective individualized care plan to create optimal health, balance and joy in your life.

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Botox injections only $10/unit



Dysport injections only $9/unit



All Restylane fillers on special. (Save up to $150 off per syringe.)

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6 days ago

Dr. Ron Shemesh

Over the course of two to four outpatient FemTouch treatment sessions, you may begin to experience dramatic results. Thanks to improved collagen synthesis and increased capillary blood flow in the vaginal tissue, your vagina will become tighter and more toned. As a result, symptoms like dryness and painful intercourse will decrease or even disappear altogether. Many women report improved orgasms after FemTouch treatment as well! ...

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