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Therapeutic Yoga: 3 Physical Improvements You Can Expect

Yoga is therapeutic by nature, but not all yoga sessions offer the strategic and purposeful benefits of therapeutic yoga. By working with a qualified therapeutic yoga instructor, you can overcome chronic health problems and improve your quality of life.

What is Yoga?
Yoga is the practice of strengthening and balancing the whole body that originated in ancient India. As it improves the body’s strength and balance, yoga also helps people achieve tranquility and spiritual insight as stress melts away and calm takes its place. Unlike running, swimming, or lifting weights, which all require intense, fast-paced movements that raise the heartbeat, yoga is a more stationary form of exercise that focuses on the body’s flexibility and stamina.

Improve Your Heart Health

It’s yoga’s blend of gentle activity, breathing, stretching, and increased mindfulness that experts say make it so powerful for improving heart health. Since yoga is so gentle, it’s perfect for people who are out of shape or unable to endure more intense movements involved in cardiovascular exercise. This opens up a pathway to fitness for members of the population who would normally not pursue exercise at all. Yoga is comprised of so many different physical stances and positions that its movements strengthen the muscles and open blood vessels to support circulation.

Balance Your Blood Sugar

Exercise also helps muscles function with more sensitivity to insulin, which is a major achievement for those dealing with diabetes and working to control their blood sugar. Increased insulin sensitivity helps the body process blood glucose more effectively. This in turn reduces weight gain and energizes your body.

Ease Chronic Pain

Medication is far from the only tool that can be used to tackle chronic pain. Whether your chronic pain is caused from injuries, arthritis, or anything in-between, research indicates that therapeutic yoga may have the power to alleviate your pain. Yoga’s mind-body connection and emphasis on flexibility both help the body overcome pain and regain more function.

Therapeutic Yoga in Tampa, Florida

Heading to your nearest hot yoga class isn’t the same as completing a therapeutic yoga session. When you schedule a private yoga session at MindBodySpirit Care in Tampa, Florida, your skilled certified yoga instructor will evaluate your health and guide you through the best yoga forms to improve your health and wellness.

Call (813) 935-2273 or (813) 964-6804 to book your first private Yoga session and begin reaping the rewards that this ancient art form has to offer.