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The Top Health Benefits of Therapeutic Yoga

Achieving a balance of the body and mind can offer you tangible health benefits. With therapeutic methods, rather than invasive methods or prescription medications, you can avoid safety risks and side effects. Yoga is one of these methods, with private therapeutic yoga sessions available at MindBodySpirit Care to help our patients achieve greater overall health and wellness. 

Understanding Yoga

Yoga is a powerful method of harmonizing the body with the mind through a combination of poses, breathing exercises, and meditation. Beyond physical activity, the goal of yoga is to unify the body, mind, and spirit, which can provide numerous benefits to every aspect of your health. 

The Top Benefits of Yoga

Therapeutic yoga provides many significant benefits to physical and mental health, as well as your overall wellbeing. The top benefits of therapeutic yoga include:

  • Improved muscle strength, flexibility, and balance

Consistently participating in yoga will improve your physicality. Yoga boosts muscle strength, flexibility, and balance without being a high-impact or extremely strenuous activity. This makes it a great choice of physical activity for people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. 

  • Pain relief

Yoga has been shown to relieve symptoms of chronic pain disorders including arthritis, headaches, low back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. By releasing muscle tension and improving the range of motion of the joints, yoga can be used for long-term pain management. 

  • Coping strategies for mental health concerns

The breathing and relaxation techniques involved in yoga have been shown to help people develop coping strategies for a range of mental health concerns. These conditions include stress, anxiety, depression, sleeping problems, concentration problems, and drug abuse, among other concerns. 

  • Improved energy levels

Many yoga poses have been proven to reduce fatigue and balance out levels of the hormone cortisol. This can help you have more energy throughout the day. 

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