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Why Does Your Body Need Detoxification?

Unfortunately, we live in a world saturated in toxins. It is virtually impossible to find air, water, or food that has not been tainted with chemicals and pollutions. Even the most unsuspecting products like shampoos and fabrics are often laden with dangerous chemicals. When too many toxins accumulate in the body, the body’s natural detoxification systems become compromised and fail to protect against the diseases and illnesses that toxins can cause. This is why it is so important to use a structured detoxification system to flush toxin from the body and reverse symptoms of illness.

Toxins in the Body

Though conventional medicine does provide many important and life-saving treatments, it fails to recognize toxicity as a main cause of many common health conditions. Physicians have witnessed a surging number of patient cases regarding mental fog, memory loss, obesity, hormone imbalances, fatigue, sleep problems, and lack of vitality, but too many of those physicians simply prescribe medications that can’t actually solve the root of the problem. The answer isn’t to add anything to the body, but to remove damaging free radicals instead.

Toxins come in countless forms, such as the chemicals found in plastics, cosmetics, pesticides, and synthetic hormones that are linked to infertility and many types of cancers. When the liver becomes too overwhelmed with toxins, it cannot produce antioxidants, remove free radicals, or breakdown hormones in the body like it should. As a result, the body suffers a wide range of health problems like chronic fatigue, lupus, migraines, digestive difficulties, skin conditions, chronic pain, and food intolerances.

The Power of Detoxification

Many people believe that a detox has to be a rigorous and unpleasant program that borders on the edge of starvation, but that’s not true at all. When you work with Mind Body Spirit Care Integrative Medical Center to select a detoxification program, Dr. Shemesh and his highly trained staff will guide you through the use of carefully formulated detoxification supplements. As your body gradually sheds its toxins and eliminates years of toxic accumulation, you will notice dramatic improvements in physical, emotional, and spiritual health alike.

With more energy, less pain, and a stronger immune system, you will feel rejuvenated and eager to continue improving your wellness. Contact Mind Body Spirit Care in Tampa today at (813) 935-2273 to learn more and schedule your first appointment.