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The Best Tips for More Effectively Managing the Stress in Your Life

Stress has become a dangerous component of everyday life. From that stack of bills waiting for you in the mail to workplace conflicts and family matters, you might find yourself frequently wondering how to survive it all. Since it’s unrealistic to eliminate every source of stress in your life, the solution can be found in effective stress management techniques like the ones listed below.

Why Is Stress So Dangerous?

Stress poses serious risks to your physical and emotional health. The body reacts to stress with certain changes like increased blood pressure, elevated heart rate, and extra hormones. In ancient times this “fight or flight” response assisted in survival, but in today’s world it only causes wear and tear on the body. When the body’s natural alarm system is chronically switched to “on”, it leads to increased risk of disease, depression, poor lifestyle choices, social isolation, and many other harmful consequences.

Managing Stress Effectively

The first step to managing your stress is to replace unhealthy coping strategies with healthier and more productive methods. It’s very common for people to rely upon smoking, drinking, social isolation, binge eating, procrastination, and anger to deal with stress, but such actions just lead to additional problems. Alternatives include writing in a journal, exercising, drawing, listening to music, meditating, going for a walk, or talking with friends.

Other tips for managing stress come together as “The Four A’s”: avoid, alter, adapt, and accept. It’s important to avoid unnecessary stress like people, environments, and events that you know will trigger negative feelings and emotions. By giving yourself the permission to say “no”, you can limit the stress that enters your life. If you can’t avoid a specific stressor, you can try to alter, adapt to, or accept the situation instead. Changing the way that you tackle problems, express your feelings, and respond to obstacles can make an enormous difference in the amount of stress that you feel.

If your stress is stemming from an immediate challenge, like a frustrating conversation, you can bust that stress by getting up and moving. Remove yourself from the situation by going to the grocery store, walking around the corner, putting on some music, or engaging in a favorite hobby. The change of pace will help you breathe easier and release endorphins that promote positive feelings.

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