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5 Simple Ways to Cultivate Better Mind/Body Balance

One of the downfalls of our modern society is the widespread tendency to focus solely on physical health without assigning equal importance to emotional and spiritual health. In a time of overstimulating technologies, devastating news stories, increased work stress, and unprecedented financial demands, it is more important than ever before for each of us to cultivate a stronger mind/body balance. But how can you make that happen without becoming a yoga master? These five simple tricks will lead you in the right direction.

Unplug For Short Periods of Time

If the thought of detaching from your iPhone for 24 hours makes you queasy, you can still gain the benefits of being “unplugged” for shorter stretches of time. Even just 30 minutes away from all screens can help you connect with yourself, become more mindful of the world around you, and remind you of the beauty of your non-cyber reality.

Focus on Your Food

Other than breathing, eating is the most vital body function. The food that you put into your body can drastically influence your overall wellbeing, so you can enhance your mind/body balance by selecting food choices that fight inflammation, increase metabolism, and kill free radicals. Steer clear of items that are canned, frozen, microwaved, or highly processed. While eating your fresh food, chew carefully and consider the nutrition that you are giving your body.

Shake Out Stiffness

It isn’t always possible to avoid sitting for long periods of time, but you can at least use strategic stretches to keep your blood flowing through your body and brain. Stretch your neck up, down, and sideways. Shake your legs and feet to erase tension and stiffness. Do whatever you can to keep your body limber and connected.

Detoxify Your Life

Are you aware of the detrimental health effects caused by common items like makeup, household cleaners, and packaged foods? So many things around us cause toxins to leech into our bodies. While it’s impossible to avoid all toxins, it is most certainly possible to detoxify your body and enjoy the benefits it brings to your mind. You will think with more clarity, escape mental fog, improve your memory, and prevent headaches after those toxins leave your body.

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