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Top Yoga Positions to Do at Home

Yoga can be a wonderful practice to add to your lifestyle. Yoga isn’t really about exercise. It’s about deep breathing, relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness. While you might need help getting a regular yoga practice started, you can begin with these yoga poses that should be included in any practice.

Garland pose

This is basically a squat, but it’s done in such a way that releases the lower back and spreads the hips, relieving pressure on the spine. This is especially important for people who have a lot of lower back pain.

Extended triangle pose

The extended triangle pose, when looked at in photos, is reminiscent of aerobics videos of the 80s, but you’re not making this motion quickly or repetitively. Instead, you will hold the position for several counts before moving back to a completely upright position. In addition to releasing the lower spine, this pose will also strengthen your core.

Crescent pose

This is just a high lunge position, which can open up the hips and release pressure and tension throughout the upper thighs. It can also help you stretch the muscles effectively before more vigorous exercise.

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