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Three Non-Cosmetic Reasons for Vaginal Rejuvenation

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It may seem like vaginal rejuvenation is an elective procedure, and it may be difficult to understand why someone would want to go through that process. Yet there are many non-cosmetic reasons for vaginal rejuvenation. It is not just for older women, but it is a great solution to several problems that women can have, especially following pregnancy and childbirth.

Stress Incontinence

Many women find that after childbirth, especially if they have had multiple children, that they dribble urine when they cough, laugh, or are startled. This is called stress incontinence, because you are only incontinent when there is stress put on the bladder and vaginal muscles. When the vaginal muscles become weak from childbirth and other causes, it can cause stress incontinence. There are no medications that work for stress incontinence, and vaginal rejuvenation is one of the only available treatments.

Weak Muscles

Childbirth and other activities can weaken the muscles of the vagina. Kegel exercises are designed to strengthen these muscles and prevent medical problems that can happen because of them. Yet sometimes the muscles are so weak that Kegel exercises are not enough. Weak vaginal muscles can lead to discomfort and pain during intercourse or when using tampons. Vaginal rejuvenation tightens and firms those muscles to eliminate this discomfort.

Sexual Health

Especially if you have had an episiotomy or a particularly difficult childbirth, chances are that your sexual health is not the same as it was before you had children. You may have discomfort during sex, or you may simply no longer enjoy it as you once did. This is often due to changes in the vagina and surrounding area. Vaginal rejuvenation can renew your sexual health.

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