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Three Benefits of Accent Prime Treatments

Did you know that we now offer some new treatment options with the amazing Accent Prime technology? Accent Prime is a powerful machine that uses radiofrequency, deep heating, ultrasound, cold shear wave, and photo imaging technologies to affect certain health benefits. In our office, this amazing technology is used for three primary benefits.

Body Contouring

The deep heating and dielectric heating technologies of the Accent Prime machine are used to contour the body. The heat speeds up the water molecules in the body, which causes fatty areas to contract. Radiofrequency technology is used to focus the heat into the desired treatment area for deep penetration and more effective results.

Cellulite Removal

Even if you are not overweight, you may have problems with cellulite on certain areas of your body. The most common part of the body to have cellulite is on the upper or inner thighs. The Accent Prime machine can be used to eliminate or decrease the appearance of cellulite by using radiofrequency technology and mechanical massage. The process only takes minutes to complete with amazing results.

Skin Resurfacing

Skin resurfacing can be a desired treatment if you are beginning to see the signs of aging. Fine lines and wrinkles can be diminished with these treatments from Accent Prime. Microplasma radiofrequency technology is used to resurface the skin and give it a fresh clean look.

If you are interested in any of these procedures with the Accent Prime technology, contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.