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Healthy Living During These Hard Times

Here at Mind Body Spirit Care, we take pride in helping people live full, happy lives. But, in these uncertain times, it can seem more difficult than ever to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

We want to help and support you through these hard times by providing resources for at-home use. We’re currently living in an uncertain world, but we can get through it together by staying safe, connected, and motivated.

Our At-Home Chair Yoga Practice

To help you stay physically and mentally healthy in this period of social isolation, we’ve recorded a short chair yoga practice that you can complete at home. Yoga is a wonderful tool for staying active, relieving stress, and finding mental clarity. Even with chaos in the world around us, yoga can help us find moments of peace and gratitude. This chair yoga practice is great for both beginners and seniors, as well as anyone seeking a gentle at-home workout.

In this practice, we’ll move through a variety of positions designed to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. We’ll also focus on listening to our bodies to find a feeling of inner peace.

The Benefits of Yoga For Turbulent Times

Yoga can hugely benefit your lifestyle in this difficult period. You can complete a yoga workout with a limited amount of space – whether it be in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room – making it an easy at-home workout. Plus, yoga combines the benefits of meditation with stretching and strengthening, working to keep your body healthy while increasing mindfulness and a sense of calm.

Chair yoga is a safe, low-impact way to enjoy the benefits of yoga. By staying seated, seniors and individuals with limited flexibility can safely complete all of the exercises in this practice. In our gentle, 25-minute routine, you can build strength and balance, boost circulation, and find relief from anxiety.

We want to support your mental and physical wellbeing in any way that we can. Even from a distance, we hope that this virtual resource will provide you with comfort and strength in these hard times.