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Defeat Chronic Fatigue with IV Therapy

Chronic fatigue can hinder your ability to carry out tasks and do what you love. Unfortunately, chronic fatigue is also often difficult to treat, leading people to struggle with its effects long-term. However, IV therapy has emerged as a holistic treatment option that can support higher energy levels and improve the overall health of those suffering from chronic fatigue. 

What is IV Therapy?

In IV therapy, vitamins and nutrients are delivered directly to the patient’s bloodstream through an IV. The intravenous administration of the nutrients allows the body to reap the maximum benefit from the treatment. In comparison to oral supplements, IV therapy provides better absorption and superior results for concerns including chronic fatigue, digestive problems, respiratory infections, and more.   

How Does IV Therapy Help with Chronic Fatigue?

Chronic fatigue can stem from a weakened immune system and vitamin or mineral deficiencies. With IV therapy, it’s possible to strengthen the immune system by delivering the vitamins and nutrients required straight to the cells. When the vitamins that the immune system requires are readily available, it enhances immune function so that your body can more effectively fend off threats to your health. 

For cases of chronic fatigue that stem from a vitamin deficiency, IV therapy is an ideal choice. Your doctor will evaluate your needs and determine the right blend of nutrients to resolve chronic fatigue. This may include vitamin B, magnesium, vitamin C, or the amino acid EDTA, which is delivered in chelation therapy, among other vitamins and nutrients. In chelation therapy, heavy metals are removed from the body to reduce your toxic metal burden.  

IV therapy is personalized to provide the best results for your body and the symptoms that you’re experiencing. While it may take a few days after the treatment session, IV therapy can provide a notable improvement to your energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing. 

To boost your energy levels and fend off fatigue, schedule an appointment for IV therapy at Mind Body Spirit Care today!