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5 of Yoga’s Lesser Known Benefits

Yoga has become a trend exercise choice across the country, especially as celebrities credit yoga for their toned figures. However, yoga is also an ancient artform that harmonizes the body with the mind through breathing exercises, meditation, and body poses. This combination has the ability to restore balance by strengthening the body, calming the mind, improving focus, and confirming self-confidence.

Yoga Supports the Heart

Breathing, stretching, and increased mindfulness combine into a powerful experience that has positive impacts on the heart. Studies have shown that yoga can lower heart disease risk, help the body lose weight, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, control blood sugar, and so much more!

Yoga Can Move the Body Past Injuries

Many people with degenerative disc disease and other conditions that cause chronic pain assume that they cannot participate in flexibility-driven activities like yoga. That’s the furthest thing from the truth! Since yoga improves the body’s flexibility and strength, it is actually the perfect way to address physical ailments and minimize complications. Some yoga regulars credit the exercise with delaying back surgery and helping them maintain fitness well into their 60s and 70s.

Yoga Can Accommodate Many Disabilities

Yoga is especially important for people who have disabilities or restrictions that prevent them from participating in other forms of exercise. It opens up a pathway to fitness to members of the population who would normally not pursue exercise at all. Yoga is comprised of so many different physical stances and positions that its movements strengthen the muscles and open blood vessels to support circulation.

Yoga Brings the Body Systems Into Balance

Exercise also helps muscles function with more sensitivity to insulin, which is a major achievement for those dealing with diabetes and working to control their blood sugar. The better diabetes is managed, the healthier the heart can remain. Furthermore, the deep breaths that are encouraged in yoga help to lower blood pressure and calm the part of the nervous system that produces stress hormones.

Yoga Improves Mental Wellbeing

Since yoga helps you achieve a rest-and-digest state of mind, rather than fight-or-flight, you can escape your anxiety and enter a truly relaxed state where a higher level of reflection and meditation is possible. Yoga actually can alter brain chemicals to enhance endorphins and dopamine. Those who participate in yoga regularly experience a better sense of self, stronger confidence, and increased happiness.

Together, all of these effects create undeniable physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. People who enjoy yoga on a regular basis can attain a much better quality of life. To experience the benefits of therapeutic yoga for yourself, call (813) 935-2273 to make an appointment at Mind Body Spirit Care in Tampa, Florida. As an Integrative Medical Center, Mind Body Spirit Care is committed to helping patients achieve not just an absence of disease, but truly enriched optimal health.