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3 Reasons to Use Ozone Therapy to Improve Your Health

Ozone Therapy, also called Ozonotherapy, is the use of medical grade ozone to stimulate healing within the body. Though research has been available on the power of ozone therapy for decades, it is only now coming into the spotlight as a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of health problems and conditions. If you experience any of the following health issues, ozone therapy could be the surprising and unexpected solution.

Ozone Therapy Is Based in Chemistry

As a single atom, oxygen is deficient in electrons and must be paired with another oxygen atom to exist in nature. This stable molecule, O2, is the air we breathe. When three oxygen atoms manage to pair up, the resulting combination is called ozone, or O3. All three oxygen atoms in ozone share the same electrons. This makes ozone unstable, yet powerful as a biological stimulant.

Medical grade ozone can be created by passing pure oxygen through a crystal tube stimulated by an electrical spark. The electrical energy splits the oxygen atoms and forces them back together as ozone. Doctors can then harness the medical grade ozone as a treatment for various health issues.

Ozone Therapy Tackles A Wide Range of Health Problems

Given the fundamental role of oxygen in the body’s natural healing process, ozone therapy has been found to effectively treat a wide range of conditions including chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, fibromyalgia, herpes, hepatitis, diabetes, macular degeneration, intestinal disorders, and autoimmune disorders.

Prolozone, a homeopathic ozone injection, can even be used to treat joint pain and musculoskeletal conditions. The ozone formula in Prolozone corrects the pathology of the body and gives chronic pain sufferers a 75 percent chance of becoming permanently pain-free.

Ozone Treatments Are Safe and Flexible

Ozone therapy has been used successfully in Europe since the 1950s. Now, the American Academy of Ozonotherapy provides educational and therapeutic standards for the safe and effective use of medical ozone therapy in America. The AAO is committed to research and oversight to ensure that ozone therapy can be most efficiently used to support healing.

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