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3 Benefits of Chelation Therapy

We live in a world saturated with toxins like heavy metals that threaten the body’s health and wellness. Your body system absorbs toxins even when you least expect it, like as you eat fish or visit the dentist. This means that even if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you’re still vulnerable to the damage toxins cause.

Fortunately, chelation therapy is a simple and effective way to detoxify your body and remove dangerous heavy metals from your system.

What Is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy is capable of removing heavy metals like lead, mercury, copper, iron, arsenic, aluminum, and calcium from the body. During chelation therapy, molecules of the amino acid EDTA are delivered through an IV into the body.

EDTA naturally latches onto heavy metals and carries them out of the body through the urine. By binding with and eliminating these toxins from the body, chelation can reduce the body’s toxic metal burden and minimize or eliminate a number of negative health consequences.

Chelation Therapy Addresses Root Causes of Symptoms

When heavy metals enter the body, they bind tightly to tissues and bones, where they can remain for months or years and cause significant free radical damage. It is this type of free radical damage that contributes to unwanted symptoms of chronic disease and aging.

Common symptoms of heavy metal toxicity in the body include chronic fatigue, cognitive decline, joint and muscle pain, depression, anxiety, and autoimmune diseases. Through chelation therapy, the root cause of these health problems is addressed and resolved, which allows the body to reduce its inflammatory responses and return to full health.

Chelation Therapy is Quick, Easy, and Safe

Overall, chelation therapy can deliver a number of significant health benefits. Research indicates that chelation therapy can improve heart health, fight free radical damage, reduce muscle and joint pain, improve cognitive functioning, and more. Once heavy metals are removed from the body and no longer in the position to develop plaque in the arteries, trigger inflammation, and poison the body, the potential for healing is nearly endless!

Chelation Therapy Is Available In Your Local Tampa Area

Dr. Shemesh and his team at MindBodySpirit Care specialize in chelation therapy in order to support your body’s return to full health. Each chelation treatment is only 15 to 20 minutes long, so even with a packed schedule, you can improve your health.

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