Vitamin Therapy

Vitamins are critical to your overall health. Without sufficient amounts of each, your body systems will suffer and start to shut down, leading to serious side effects that diminish your quality of life. In fact, vitamin deficiency is the underlying cause of many common ailments like poor vision, fatigue, and hair loss. Long term vitamin loss can even leave the body vulnerable to life threatening infection and disease.

This is why the team at MindBodySpirit Care in Tampa, Florida offers a Vitamin Therapy program to provide vitamin testing and supplementation. When you nourish your body properly, you can liberate yourself from chronic health conditions and dramatically improve your overall quality of life.

The Essential Role of Vitamins in the Body

The 13 essential vitamins, including vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K play central roles in your body’s main functions like metabolism, immunity, and digestion. Each vitamin is also responsible for specific tasks that keep you healthy. Vitamin A, for example, helps create healthy eyesight, skin, bones, and teeth. Vitamin C encourages healthy tissue development and iron absorption, while the eight B vitamins maintain brain function, energy, and so much more.

Vitamin Deficiencies Cause Chronic Conditions

When your body lacks the proper levels of even one vitamin, it can create major health problems. Even if you eat a well-balanced diet and take a daily multivitamin, you are still at risk of vitamin deficiencies because the problem is often caused by the body’s inability to absorb or utilize nutrients. A deficiency in vitamin B12, for example, will cause fatigue, memory loss, and even trouble with walking, while chronic calcium deficiency results in weak bones and osteoporosis. MindBodySpirit Care offers Vitamin Therapy to help you identify and resolve your own vitamin deficiencies in order to life a happier, healthier life.

Vitamin Therapy in Tampa, Florida

If you are experiencing questionable symptoms like prematurely aging skin, daytime fatigue, irritability, oral ulcers, poor vision, hair loss, yellowish skin, or facial swelling, Vitamin Therapy at MindBodySpirit Care can help you identify and resolve the root problems leading to your symptoms.

Dr. Shemesh will begin with comprehensive vitamin testing using a blood sample to identify exactly which nutrients your body is lacking. He will then design a customized nutritional and supplement program to help you resolve your deficiencies and regain your health. IV Nutritional Therapy is often the best choice because it delivers a customised blend of nutrients straight into your bloodstream to optimize absorption.

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