Last January I came to your office suffering from horrible allergies.  I had been on two rounds of antibiotics that only made things worse.  I did not want to go the traditional route to treat allergies that my friends had pursued with poor results and medications that kept them drowsy.  You did a complete blood work up and determined that I had some liver toxicity.  You put me on a cleansing program and supplements.  It is incredible to me how well my sinuses are doing.  I have had constant sinus and allergy problems for the last 23 years and this is the best I have felt.  Thank you so much for a good diagnosis and treating me with supplements allowing my body to correct itself.  I feel like a new woman!    –  AA

Prior to starting on the First Line Therapy program I felt tired, fatigued and didn’t want to start each new day because I was still tired even after a nights sleep.  My weight was going higher and higher and mentally I felt like my brain was sleeping.  I very often felt foggy.  After being on the program one month, I went from 26.2% body fat to 22.5%.  My muscle mass went 73.8% to 77.5%, I lot 10 pounds and I am feeling so much energy!  My brain feels alive again!  I believe this is a life style change we all should make!  Now if I don’t take my walk in the morning something feels off.  I feel like I am eating so much better and feel proud to do it!  My body shape has changed so much.  I am down a size.  It has been 3 years since I have been at this size.  I can’t wait for my next visit with Stephanie!  I know there will be great improvements again on my stats!  –  TB

My family and I arrived In Tampa seven years ago.  Our lives were troubled with health problems.  I had a total hysterectomy and was taking hormone replacement therapy.  I knew that was not the right medicine but I couldn’t find a doctor to administer the natural hormone treatment until I discovered Dr. Shemesh.  I recently had my yearly check up and I am in better health than I was seven years ago.  The biggest challenge was my daughter.  She got sick when she began to menstruate.  Here hormones were unbalanced and the Doctors were unable to diagnose the problem.  She was sent to psychiatrists and was treated with medication for mental illness.  Over a period of time the medication affected her mind.  She was not able to function properly.  Dr. Shemesh suggested different types of natural medicine.  It took some time for her to recover.  She is now in her second year of college and her future is looking brighter.  Thank you ,Dr. Shemesh and your wonderful staff.  May the Lord allow you to continue providing great health care.   – MK

When I first came to see Dr. Shemesh, I had accumulated a whole laundry list of conditions and medications and was now faced with a new diagnosis of osteoporosis.  I had already been on Prevacid for eight years, although it is intended for short term use.  The thought of more medications and cumulative health decline was discouraging.  Dr. Shemesh indicated that we could not attend to all of my conditions at once, so we prioritized the list and after some very comprehensive tests, we began to check things off of the list.  Now, three months later, I have been able to stop taking both blood pressure medicine and proton-pump inhibitors (gradually with supportive supplements).  We are making progress on stress reductions and adrenal health.  Next we will work on improving bone density.  For me this is huge!  I am finally hopeful that my health will be improved in ways that will allow better bodily functioning.  Instead of ailment upon ailment, I now look forward to healing upon healing.  –  GS

Dr. Shemesh has helped me get rid of my hot flashes by giving me natural hormone drops.  My hot flashes stopped within four weeks.  Thank you!!!!  I am also taking Ultrameal Plus Shakes for insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.  After a few months I have seen positive results in my insulin, cholesterol and triglycerides etc.  Even though I am not a big fan of shakes for breakfast, I do like the results and that motivates me to continue these for my health.  (P.S. I am a 50 year old female) Thank you, Dr. Shemesh.   – BB

The Yoga breathing Personal sessions were recommended by Dr. Shemesh.  I met with Anat who taught me deep and proper breathing techniques for stress relief and management.   She also taught me several yoga poses for back pain relief.  I have done these exercises the last thing at night before going to bed and they have provided great sleep even when I paused my bio-identical hormone therapy for my laboratory workups.  I highly recommend the session with Anat and went in as a “non-believer” until I put it into practice.  –  JB

I wasn’t sure when I started this First Line Therapy that anything could help me feel better about my life.  Now after 6 weeks I do feel better.  I eat healthier and take the supplements prescribed to me.  Not all the changes are pleasant, since sugar was my favorite food (in chocolate and soda especially), but I have not had refined sugar since I started this program and my weight is down, my blood pressure is down, I feel better and have more energy than before.  My arthritis is lessened and so is my anxiety level.  This regimen has helped immensely.    –  MD

When I came to Dr. Shemesh last October I felt sluggish and had frequent headaches which felt like they were coming from the veins in my neck.  I also had constipation.   I was tested for heavy metals and was high in lead, cadmium and aluminum.  After completing 30 sessions of chelation all of my previous symptoms are gone.  I must add that I was concerned that 30 sessions may not be enough so I also took oral chelating supplements purchased at Mind Body Spirit Care and used an infrared sauna 3 times per week too.  – SC

Yoga Nidra has been a wonderful eye opening experience for me.  It has enabled me to become relaxed and focus clearly.  I am able to sleep peacefully at night and have some more energy through the day to keep me going.  Thank you Anat!  –  LM

I have suffered allergies and debilitating sinus infections for ten years.  I was gaining weight and not sleeping well at the beginning of this year 2009. I fist went to Mind Body Spirit Care in February 2009.  Dr. Shemesh discussed a range of options to treat my chronic sinus infections and weight loss.  I was started on natural supplements and met Stephanie (the patient educator) who instructed me on an anti-inflammatory diet.  In the 4 months of doing this I have not been sick (even through the worst of allergy seasons in Tampa).  I have lost about 36 pounds and am able to exercise regularly.  I am very pleased with the progress I’ve made and for the first time in years feel confident I can live a healthy and active life again.  –  RS