Preventive Medicine

Preventive medicine is the cornerstone of lasting health,  which is why the team at MindBodySpirit Care in Tampa, Florida places such a strong emphasis on using it to help patients.

Overall, preventive medicine focuses on protecting, promoting, and maintaining your health and wellbeing by preventing disease and disability. When you turn to Dr. Shemesh and his team at MindBodySpirit Care to provide your preventive medicine, you have the ability to enjoy a very high-quality of life unburdened by chronic health problems.

Achieve Lasting Wellness With Preventive Medicine

Preventive medicine incorporates a wide range of health initiatives designed to support strong health and prevent the development of disease. MindBodySpirit Care provides everything you need to achieve this type of prevention. Your dietary and lifestyle choices are two of the most powerful components of preventive medicine. The foods that you put in your body, the amount of exercise you get each day, and the healthy or damaging activities in which you partake have direct control over your level of wellness.

Dr. Shemesh and his team at MindBodySpirit Care can help you improve your dietary and lifestyle habits in order to take advantage of everything that preventive medicine has to offer. This includes taking control of the toxins entering your body, receiving proper immunizations to ward off disease, reversing risk factors like high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes, and so much more.

Dr. Shemesh will also recommend ongoing therapies and treatments such as therapeutic yoga, chelation therapy, or IV nutrition therapy, to maintain optimized physical and mental wellness. With a stronger immune system and balanced body system, you will strengthen your immune system to combat potential diseases. You will also maintain the youthfulness, flexibility, and strength to help you enjoy your life to its fullest.

Preventive Medicine in Tampa, Florida

As Tampa’s leading integrative medical center, MindBodySpirit Care offers premier preventive medicine services that can help you take control of your life and your health. With the right prevention, you can enjoy the highest quality of life without the burdens of disease and disability. Dr. Shemesh is here to help you pursue the very best health possible. Call (813) 935-2272 to make your appointment now and get started!