Nutrition Assessment

Nutrition is challenging to achieve in our modern society. Fast food is the obvious enemy, but refined sugars, gluten, and other questionable ingredients are hidden in many of the foods we trust to keep us healthy. It is possible that your chronic symptoms like migraines, fatigue, and eczema are actually a result of the foods you are eating or your body’s inability to absorb nutrients from food.

This is why MindBodySpirit Care offers nutrition assessment services. Dr. Shemesh will evaluate your food and nutrient intake and design a plan of care that will help alleviate your health problems and improve your overall wellness.

Nutrition Assessment to Improve Your Health

When you receive a nutrition assessment at MindBodySpirit Care, Dr. Shemesh will complete a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of your life. This includes gathering objective and subjective information regarding your food and nutrient intake, lifestyle, and medical history. You may undergo various forms of testing so that Dr. Shemesh can gather the data he needs to make informed decisions.

For example, he may determine your body mass index (BMI), complete blood and/or urine laboratory tests, gather data about your acute and chronic illnesses, therapies, and treatments, review your current medications, and document dietary data to fully understand how and what you eat. Each of these sources of information will help Dr. Shemesh gain a comprehensive understanding of your current nutritional health, causes of malabsorption, needs for increased nutrient levels, and much more.

Nutrition Assessment in Tampa, Florida

Dr. Shemesh can expertly consider the clinical, biochemical, and dietary information gathered in your nutrition assessment to compile a formal evaluation of your nutritional status. He will share this with you and then make careful recommendations for a nutritional intervention.

In addition to helping you pursue more strategic food choices to optimize your health, Dr. Shemesh may also recommend holistic treatments like IV therapy and the use of herbs and supplements to remediate your nutrition and improve your health. Call (813) 935-2272 today to make your appointment.