Mind Body Medicine

The science of mind-body medicine has demonstrated the impact that thoughts, behaviors, emotions and physical conditions have on each other. Using simple tools and exercises we help you recognize and manage the skills for mind and body realignment for optimal health.

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

A psychological acupressure technique to optimize your emotional health involves tapping on special acupuncture meridians with your fingertips while tuning into a specific problem, using positive affirmations.

Emotionally Charged Positive Affirmations
Positive Goal Setting
Balancing Life Sectors
Accelerated Learning
Breath Techniques
Guided Imagery

During a consultation, we will help you identify the role of mind-body medicine in your path to optimal health.

If you feel you want to experience one of our group or individual sessions in mind/body medicine or stress reduction you can schedule an appointment with our practitioners.

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