Infrared Sauna

Though today’s modern medicine involves prescribing pills and drugs for nearly every health condition, the integrative medical experts at MindBodySpirit Care believe that natural and holistic methods provide safer and more effective ways to improve and safeguard health. The use of the infrared sauna is one such holistic method that continues to rise in popularity.

Dr. Shemesh and his team at MindBodySpirit Care provide infrared sauna treatments to patients looking to fight signs of aging, detoxify the body, lose weight, and much more.

What Is an Infrared Sauna?

Conventional saunas have been used for thousands of years as “hot air baths” and “sweat lodges” to heal, relax, and detoxify the body. Native Americans, Eastern Europeans, and Ancient Chinese all used saunas in their civilizations. An infrared sauna combines the benefits of “hot air baths” with the power of infrared light to supercharge the healing power of the sauna.

When far-infrared light wave radiation is absorbed into the body, the positive radiation stimulates natural healing and detoxification in the body in just 15 to 20 minutes. In fact, FIR light waves are known to alter cells, cell membranes, and cell fluids to positively impact metabolism and biological activity.

What Are the Benefits of Infrared Sauna?

When you use the infrared sauna at MindBodySpirit Care in Tampa, Florida, you will experience certain physical and mental reactions:

  • Increased sweating
  • Increased heart rate
  • Relaxation
  • The clarity of mind commonly achieved through moderate exercise

These reactions indicate that the body is hard at work healing. The most significant benefits of infrared sauna include:

  • Improved heart function through normalized blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Reduced chronic pain, including pain from arthritis
  • Reduced symptoms of diabetes
  • Improved quality of life and overall wellbeing
  • More energy, less fatigue
  • Detoxification of the body through sweat

Infrared Sauna in Tampa, Florida

Many celebrities have purchased their own infrared saunas to enjoy the benefits listed above, but you can simply come to MindBodySpirit Care in Tampa, Florida to enjoy the results. Call (813) 935-2272 today to schedule your first appointment!