Chi Gong

Chi Gong, also spelled Qigong, is a form of meditation blended with gentle exercise designed to stretch the body and improve fluid movement. The art of Chi Gong uses light movements that are repeated a number of times, so it can be accommodated for people of all ages and physical abilities. Mind Body Spirit Care in Tampa, Florida offers Chi Gong to help you accumulate and strengthen healing energy within your body.

The Core Techniques of Chi Gong

These core Chi Gong techniques form the basis of the entire practice. The first and most important is concentration. True and uninterrupted concentration is achieve through deep relaxation and expanding your consciousness to create a frame of mind capable of encompassing the entire function of your mind, body, and spirit. At the same time, outside distractions, worries, and stressors fade away.

Breathing is a second essential tenet of Chi Gong. Buddha’s Breath and Daoist’s Breath are both used to infuse the body with Qi energy and support focus and meditation. When focus and breathing are blended and used in exercises like Gentle Sway, The Bounce, Accordion, and Extending the Qi, you are able to achieve the numerous benefits of Chi Gong.

The Benefits of Regular Chi Gong

By learning your Chi Gong techniques from the experts at Mind Body Spirit Care, you will be able to integrate the benefits of this ancient exercise into your own life. Above all else, regular Chi Gong will help you maintain strong health and wellness that enhances your quality of life. This can be attributed to the state of mental and physical calm and balance that Chi Gong creates. Chi Gong is also valuable for managing illness and extending longevity. It actually has powerful preventive effects and can also restore harmony in the body as soon as disharmony develops.

Explore Chi Gong in Tampa, Florida

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