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Chelation Therapy

  • Chelation is a natural process in which a metal or mineral (such as calcium, lead, cadmium, iron, arsenic, aluminum, etc.) is bonded to another substance such as an amino acid. Chelation is one mechanism by which common substances like aspirin, antibiotics, vitamins, minerals and trace elements are transported in the body. Hemoglobin, the red pigment in blood which carries oxygen, is a chelate of iron. Chelation can be used to transport minerals as well as heavy toxic metals. Chelating agents can be used to bind nutrient minerals and deliver them to the cells, or to bind toxic heavy metals and remove them from their storage sites in the body. To support the body when needed with proper mineral balance, we at MindBodySpirit Care provide our patients with many chelated forms of mineral supplements for higher nutrient absorption in the body. Click here to buy CHELATED MINERAL FORMULAS.

    To facilitate removal of heavy metals from the body after individualized evaluation of our patients we may utilize Intravenous and/or oral Chelation therapy. Make an appointment for evaluation, click here.


Chelation Therapy takes its name from the Greek word “chele” meaning “to claw” or “to bind.” Intravenous Chelation therapy uses molecules such as EDTA to latch onto heavy metals such as lead, iron, cadmium, mercury, aluminum and arsenic and carry them out of the body through the urine. These heavy metals, may be deposited in our body over the years from contact with pesticides, paint pigments, amalgam fillings used in dental work, certain ceramic glazes, industrial air and water pollution, contaminated foods, and other sources. Once in the body, these heavy metals bind tightly to tissues and bones where they can remain and cause free radical damage and contribute to many of the symptoms seen with chronic disease and aging. Chelation therapy has been recognized as a means to eliminate such poisons from the body. By binding and eliminating these heavy metals, chelation may reduce the body’s toxic metal burden with resultant reduction in the body’s inflammation response.


The FDA states that “lead poisoning may have no symptoms, but symptoms can include headaches, stomach cramps, fatigue, memory loss, high blood pressure, and seizures. Lead poisoning in children has been linked to learning disabilities and developmental delays.” According to the EPA, “Although children are especially susceptible to lead exposure (children’s brains and nervous systems are more sensitive to the damaging effects of lead), lead can be dangerous for adults too. In adults, lead can cause increased chance of illness during pregnancy with harm to a fetus including brain damage or death, fertility problems (in men and women), high blood pressure, digestive problems, nerve disorders, memory and concentration problems, muscle and joint pain.” Our practice of integrative and holistic medicine looks for the root causes that contribute to many chronic symptoms, and these include toxins in our environment .

This new paradigm in medicine seeks to detect and correct malfunctions and imbalances in the body at the earliest stage possible. While conventional testing guidelines often use reference ranges that follow a bell shaped curve for the population at large, individualization of diagnosis and treatment may identify individuals in whom genetic and environmental interactions bring on symptoms of disease before conventional laboratory and diagnostic methods can label the same individuals as having a specific disease. Many patients, who suffer from chronic symptoms similar to the ones mentioned above by the FDA and the EPA, may have been exposed to various toxic metals in levels that may not be considered “disease” causing.

Yet, due to genetic variations, those levels of exposure may have been sufficient to cause a variety of symptoms. These symptoms may not respond to conventional therapies, or may require drug therapies with severe side effects profile. In such individuals, it may be prudent to test for chemical toxins, and after an analysis consider the potential benefit of Chelation therapy. Chelation therapy is also thought by many doctors to be effective in reducing plaque in the arteries and to serve a role in improving a variety of cardiovascular conditions. Decreasing the excessive load of toxins from the body may decrease the inflammatory response, believed to be a major cause of heart disease. Currently there is a US National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAMN) trial being conducted on the chelation therapy’s safety and efficacy for patients with coronary artery disease. (Link- At MindBodySpirit Care, we use a rapid form of Chelation Therapy with a duration of fifteen to twenty minutes per treatment, supported by evaluation and maintenance of the body’s overall health.

Chelation therapy does not replace proper attention to nutrition, exercise, environment, and the appropriate interventions available for specific diseases or conditions. While oral chelating agents are not considered to be as potent as Intravenous Chelation, we make available to our patients the latest scientific physician grade formulations that can enhance the process of heavy metal and toxic load elimination. For oral chelating products To evaluate your condition and the possible use of Chelation therapy Call our office for an appointment. - click here.


* Lin JL et al. Environmental lead exposure and progression of chronic renal diseases in patients without diabetes. N Engl J Med 2003;348(4):277-86. * Lustberg M et al. Blood lead levels and mortality. Arch Intern Med 2002;162(21):2443-9. * Nash D et al. Blood lead, blood pressure, and hypertension in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women. JAMA 2003;289(12):1523-32. * for review of impact of lead on symptoms of disease and aging. * *


To learn more about becoming a patient and receiving Chelation Therapy at MindBodySpirit Care, contact a Patient Services Representative at (813) 935-2273 or click here.

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