Pure Omega 780™




At the same time as the media increases consumer awareness of the importance of fish oils, manufacturers face
the challenge of eliminating heavy metals and PCBs. The industry-leading technologies used in the preparation of
Mind Body Spirit Care®’s Arctic Oils® surpass all national and international standards for environmental pollutants,
including dioxins, PCBs, pesticides and heavy metals, including mercury.

Mind Body Spirit Care®’s Pure Omega™ oils are processed through special molecular distillation. Molecular distillation
is a process commonly used to purify and concentrate fish oils. In this process, the fish oil is broken down
into its basic molecular components and separated by molecular weight. Due to varying molecular weights,
specific components can be removed or concentrated to the oil. This ensures that contaminants can be reduced to
levels far below industry standards. It also allows the manufacturer to increase the concentration of active ingredients.

Traditional molecular distillation technology separates contaminants from the oil through evaporation off a high
temperature surface. Not all molecular distillation systems are the same. Below are further details about the
systems employed for each of these ArticOils®.

Processing the fish oil formula begins with rigorous care and control of the starting raw materials (non-GMO
sardines, mackerel, anchovies) to assure optimum oil quality. The oils are distilled in a controlled, pristine vacuum
environment to minimize distillation temperatures. The exposure time even to these lower distillation temperatures
is tightly controlled and uniform, resulting in levels of impurities well below the industry standards.

The technology employed for the Pure Omega 780™ meets special Molecular Distillation Standards: As this oil is
a concentrated source of Omega-3’s, our manufacturer goes above and beyond the traditional purification methods
to ensure its safety. This is accomplished by:

􀁕 A triple phase molecular distillation purification process to maximize purity while concentrating the EPA and
DHA polyunsaturated fatty acids

􀁕 Ensuring consistency in contaminant removal and therefore purity levels through uniform processing times

􀁕 Reducing the evaporation stage to half the time of traditional systems to drive down the oxidative risk

The proprietary technologies used in the manufacture of Pure Omega 780™ are in accordance with pharmaceutical
standards that assure safe, consistent fish oils that exceed Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) Monograph
standards and meet all international standards for oil safety including WHO, Prop 65, and more. They are
third party tested according to AOCS (American Oil Chemical Scientists) international protocols to ensure purity
and potency.