Environmental Toxins Cleansing

Environmental toxicity has become a leading cause of disease over the last several decades. Environmental toxins like chemicals, pesticides, plastics, and heavy metals pervade everything we use, touch, eat, and drink. They are nearly impossible to avoid and prevent, especially because they lurk in common household items we may never second guess.

Environmental toxicity could be causing your chronic conditions like asthma, migraine headaches, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity, cancer, neurological degeneration, autoimmunity, and digestive imbalances. By seeking environmental toxin cleansing at MindBodySpirit Care, you can liberate yourself from toxic overload and regain your health.

Improve Your Health With Environmental Toxins Cleansing

At MindBodySpirit Care, Dr. Shemesh provides holistic cleansing treatments to help you optimize your wellness.

Chelation therapy removes heavy metals like lead, mercury, copper, iron, arsenic, aluminum, and calcium from the body. Molecules of the amino acid EDTA are delivered through an IV into the body. EDTA naturally latches onto heavy metals and carries them out of the body through the urine. Research indicates that chelation therapy can improve heart health, fight free radical damage, reduce muscle and joint pain, improve cognitive functioning, and more.

Herbal therapy is another powerful form of cleansing. Specific herbs are known to support the body’s natural cleansing efforts. For example, bitter greens, turmeric, rosemary, and cayenne are commonly used to cleanse the liver, while garlic, dandelion roots, burdock, and red clover are known for cleansing the blood and ridding toxins from the body.

Environmental Toxins Cleansing in Tampa, Florida

Dr. Shemesh will also help you make adjustments to your dietary and lifestyle habits in order to reduce your exposure to toxins. Purchasing different cosmetic, personal care, and home cleansing products, purifying the air your breathe, eating an organic, nutrient-dense diet, avoiding food additives, and improving your gut health are just a few of the many adjustments you may be encouraged to make for long-lasting environmental toxins cleansing.

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